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Data Conversion

PDF and Image Conversion:

We offer the widest range of PDF and Image Conversion services. We understand that each client has a unique need and we strive to provide the best possible services as needed by each client. Listed below are the various PDF and Image Conversion services that we offer.

  • Digitize Books, Reports, Statements, Invoices and Documents
  • PDF to text file, PDF to JPG, PDF to IMG, PDF to MS Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT
  • Image Conversion to PDF and MS Word
  • Word Formatting Services
  • Document Conversion Services

XML Conversion Services:

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) is a cross-platform web-publishing format used to display and store information on the internet. Many companies take on conversion of existing web publishing formats to XML to benefit from the advantages provided by the XML format. We can convert all HTML, Word, PDF, Excel to XML formats

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“Just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for all your support over the last 1 years. I look forward to continue working with you and the team and thank you once again for enabling us to focus on running our business rather than worrying about whether our computer systems are up to the task.”
Jonathan Doe
"Big thanks to PSY and very happy about the wonderfully speedy service you provided in getting us home. We are very pleased to be back with you"
Hamzah Ali
"Great service every time! The guys I talk to are always friendly and so efficient. Always a pleasure when talking to them, If ever I have a fault or problem I feel safe knowing I am in the hands of your team at Apex Enterprise Solutions. "
Aamir Denna