Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traffic, targeted traffic, meaningful traffic

PSY - Global It Solutions SEO division offers superior Latent Semantic Indexing based SEO services aligned with current search engine algorithms to get you targeted traffic you can convert into sales and revenues. A complex process, we break it up into well defined modules that can be implemented according to your business goals and convenience.

Search engine optimization is conveniently categorized into two main divisions:

Onsite optimization

  • Our SEO experts analyze your existing website in detail
  • Compile report of areas that need to be optimized such as keywords, meta tags, navigation structure, content, ease of use and other factors
  • Recommend changes and, on approval implement modifications to make your site SEO friendly as well as user friendly, a prime consideration of search engines.
  • Onsite optimization is implemented keeping search engine algorithms of Google, Yahoo and MSN in view.

Offsite SEO

This is more intricate, time consuming, extended and needs careful development of strategy as well as phased implementation. Broadly, offsite SEO covers:

  • Creation of relevant, meaningful, informative and original quality content
  • Content is King for search engines and we have teams of expert content writers to deliver fresh streams of quality content for various purposes.
  • Posting appropriate contents to article sites, forum posts, review sites, PRs, directory submissions, social networking sites. This creates inbound links or back links that show up in search results and thus help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Tactical development of Onsite/Offsite SEO strategy

The tactical strategy for SEO is well planned after a careful and in-depth research of existing markets relevant to your product, competition, customer preferences, trends and of course, your objectives. In the process we create a unique niche for you in addition to getting you a deluge of increasing traffic with the passage of time. Offsite SEO is a long term effort and it takes time for results to show but the organic way of seeding gets a steadily rising stream of meaningful, targeted traffic.

For your convenience we develop offsite SEO service part into modular packages that can be implemented in phases.


  • We have teams of SEO experts and we dedicate personnel exclusively to work for you. Our SEO experts work in tandem with our web designers and developers when it comes to onsite SEO and then with market researchers and other staff for offsite SEO package development and implementation.
  • We keep track of all activities and results through specialized software and keep you supplied with reports
  • We deliver proof of output of our SEO activities showing tangible differences of such SEO implementations
  • We blend technical competence with a fine understanding of products, services, markets, buyer mindsets and trends to develop a campaign that gets results.
  • We follow ethical, "white hat" SEO practices and assure you of transparency, fairness and openness in our transactions.
  • Communication and collaboration with clients throughout the process
  • We customize SEO package for clients. For Individualbusinesses, for small businesses and for enterprises we have different tactics and strategies all focused on generating greatest visibility, traffic and revenues.

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